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General Questions

Sorry, not at present.

Yes... and also no. 

At my discretion, I will consider bespoke requests. They may include: 
- turning a tile design into a trivet, or vice versa,
- getting fabric printed, or a glass splasback made
- altering scale and colourway to suit your decor.

I make a non-refundable charge for all of these services - please contact me for a quote.

However: Custom / bespoke orders are always non returnable

In practice, this means that if you don't like the end result, you will not be able to return the item for a refund or replacement.

This is because custom orders are time consuming and, frankly, a bit of a PITA.

Colour and pattern are very subjective at the best of times. Your ipad screen, and my professional colour-calibrated monitor, are unlikely to agree on what "pea green" really looks like. 

As standard, many of my pieces will be sent gift wrapped in tissue with a pretty millefiori seal. 

If you'd like a small gift card included in the package, with a personalised message, I'm really happy to do this as a courtesy -please add a note at checkout. 

Tiles and other utilitarian items won't be gift wrapped - if you'd like them to be, please ask!

My design tools include a professional colour-calibrated monitor which means that, in general, the colours I see on screen are reasonably accurate.

Unfortunately, this is NOT true for your average laptop, ipad, tablet or phone screen. 

I often include video snippets in listings as I find video in daylight is a better guide to what an item looks like "in the flesh". 

If you are concerned about whether a tile or other item will "go" with your decor, please buy a sample, or ask to see video. 

Bear in mind too, that for technical reasons, items produced in one week will look subtly (or even markedly) different from those produced a month later. So please don't assume that a sample tile ordered in June will be absolutely identical to a batch I make in September.

Specifications, designs, colourways and availability are subject to change without any notice or obligation on my part. However if you want something and can't see it listed, please contact me.

Sometimes. Please contact me with an idea of what you're after and let's talk :)

Sorry, no.

Quite apart from copyright considerations, my policy is only to use my own designs.

Orders & Delivery

Most items will normally be made and posted within five working days.

​​Goods will be sent to the address given by you in your order (I can't refund or replace items that are sent to the address you've given, if it turns out to be wrong. So PLEASE check it's the correct one!)

My standard UK shipping is Royal Mail Second Class Tracked for small items, and tracked parcel courier for larger packages over 2kg. A mobile number may be required.​

Most services aim to get your parcel to you in 3-5 business days (including Saturdays). Obviously some times of year (and some situations!) are more of a lottery.

Occasionally I can't get hold of something I need to make your order. If I know there's likely to be a problem or a delay, I will email to let you know. 

Fired Ink tiles: as these have to be fired and dispatched by my partner company, the timescales are longer. Please expect to wait 3-5 weeks for your tiles to be dispatched.

Urgent / Rush orders. If you need something urgently, by all means ask if it's possible. But don't get your hopes up!

Yes - several times per week. Mostly USA, but also Canada, Europe and Australia / New Zealand. Singapore and Hong Kong less frequent but still perfectly possible.

However international shipping is not cheap - especially at the moment. Recent price rises have meant I’ve had to stop offering free international delivery, at least for now.

For international orders I calculate shipping based on the weight and size of the parcel. Please go to check-out to get a quote; as a rough guide, international delivery starts at £6.  

Customs hold-ups and charges.  Overseas orders can occasionally be subject to very lengthy delays in customs that I have absolutely no control over.

Your order may also attract local import duties and taxes that I know nothing about, and am not responsible for. 

If you are worried, please check with your local tax / import duty authorities BEFORE ORDERING.

Shipping upgrades are available on some orders. However, bear in mind that they will make the shipping faster and more secure,  but the making time remains the same.

See my full returns policy here:

DoodlePippin Returns and Refunds Policy

Tile Questions

Unfortunately I don't offer free samples of my tiles - there's too much demand and it would be cripplingly expensive for a small business.

But if you buy samples and they don't work for your project, I'm completely happy to refund the purchase price of the tile/s you return as not required. (P&P charges are non-refundable).

Sometimes. Contact me with your requirements and I'll work it out.

Quantity discounts start at 25+ tiles.

As a general rule, DoodlePippin (heat printed) tiles have bigger discounts (up to 30% on the largest orders).
Fired Ink tiles are more expensive, have smaller discounts, and take longer to make.

Yes. And no. 
Although I'm (naturally!) an expert in my own designs and colourways, I am not an interior designer. So all I can do is suggest what might work, or has worked in the past. I'm naturally helpful and friendly, but also fairly busy. Please do contact me to ask, and I'll suggest what I can!


This is because colours - and even design details - can change between batches, due to the processes I use.

If you buy sixty tiles in January, and need another sixty in March, the two sets won't be identical, and they may even be markedly different.

Possibly. Send me some details about your company and clients, and let's talk.

Millefiori and Workshop Questions

Sadly, Covid 19 put a halt to my millefiori workshop programme for 2020. 
I may set a few dates for 2021, depending what else is happening.

If you'd like to be informed of possible dates and locations, please sign up for my newsletter (at the bottom of this page).