Shipping Delays and Damages

I've been very fortunate so far with both Royal Mail and couriers. However it's a fact of life that parcels sometimes arrive damaged, or go missing in transit.

Damaged on arrival: 

Please TAKE PHOTOS of the damage. I can't claim on my postal insurance, refund you, or resend your parcel, without these.

Send me an email to let me know what's happened, with details and some close up pictures of the damaged items.  We'll work out what to do next from there.

 Parcels that haven't arrived in a reasonable time.

 This depends on what "reasonable" means - and I'm afraid the couriers / postal services dictate that. 

Please do contact me if your parcel has taken longer than you expected and I'll investigate. But I can't refund or replace items until the postal service has declared them lost.

 Domestic parcels - normally 15+ working days late is considered 'claimable'.

Overseas parcels - 25-30 working days late - sometimes longer. 

On tracked items, where the tracking shows the parcel has been delivered, but you haven't received it, you may have to file a mail theft report with local police before I can refund or resend the parcel.

International shipping: 

 Unfortunately, since the advent of Covid, the cost of international shipping has gone through the roof. The shipping cost will be based on the weight and size of your parcel. 

Please bear in mind that overseas orders can be subject to unexpected and sometimes very lengthy delays that are outside of my control (eg hold ups in customs). 

​If you are concerned about local taxes and import duties that your parcel might attract, please check with your local tax / import duty authorities before you order.

NB: Shipping to Europe post-Brexit

As of 1st January 2021, shipping items from the UK to European Union countries is unpredictable.

New import duties and other charges are likely to apply. These may include import duties imposed by your local government, and courier charges imposed for collecting and handling these duties.

I know nothing about the tax and import arrangements in your particular area,  and I am not responsible for them. 

No refunds will be issued if your parcel is returned to me as a result of you choosing not to pay legitimate import duties.

If you are worried about having to pay import duty, taxes or courier charges, please check with your local tax / import duty authorities before ordering.