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Easter Break - Weds 30th March to Tuesday 19th April
Easter break coming up soon! I'll be responding to messages periodically, and Jude may be in the studio on some days, but in general please anticipate that most orders will take longer to make and ship, and messages may go unanswered.
I'm back!
... with lots of sale items, seconds and prototypes, and some new designs (mostly finished...)
Hello Autumn!
Well, what a year it has been. Difficult, unpredictable and downright scary. But also - for some - freeing, life-affirming, and even joyful. I hope, for you and yours, it has been more of the latter.
New fabric placemats...
At the end of June 2020, a client in the US persuaded me to try to find a more modestly-sized placemat rather than the huge ones I normally make.  Found a supplier and was a bit alarmed to find that...
Latest from DoodlePippin Towers...
Three months ago, a friend and mentor set me a deadline of 4th July to get "all my ducks in a row". By which he meant, clearing up the chaos of four years of experimentation, lightbulb moments, mistakes, organic growth, successes, failures and random whim-following.
Mother's Day Ideas!

In my house, if I want a Mother’s Day gift, I buy it myself.  As a family we seem to have ditched the conventional yearly celebrations of Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day and Father’s Day.

 Christmas and birthdays are hanging in there - just!

From the studio this week
From a distance, January always looks like it’s going to be quiet month; a time for clearing the decks, sorting out the pigsty that the studio becomes in the charge towards Christmas, and taking a bit of a breather.

 But it never turns out that way.

Etsy Octoberfest - and a last 2018 workshop!
Happy October everyone! Quick reminder than my last Beginner's Polymer Workshop this year  is on Friday 19th October - less than a fortnight away. As always it'll be a fun, relaxed session with lots of laughter and some amazing patterns...
And breathe....
My younger child, Tom (8), goes back to school tomorrow, after the eternity of the summer holidays. It was a good eternity... just seasoned with the occasional burst of shouting and a hefty dose of guilt for trying to work...