I'm back!

Flourishing Garden tiles - kitchen, Surrey
What do you mean, you didn't notice I'd gone?
I took two months off during March and April 2021 to declutter the studio, and create some new designs. And, to be honest, after 5 years of non-stop DoodlePippin-ing, I badly needed a rest.
I didn't get everything finished. Or even started. (Don't tell anyone, but there are quite a few yellow post-it notes still flapping on my sabbatical "To-Do Wall".)
But (with the help of my extremely capable studio assistant Jude), I did get a lot of the last few years of experiments, prototypes and general clutter cleared out. Some pieces have been listed on Etsy. Some have been given away (AKA "forced into the hands of unsuspecting bystanders").
Orange Circles pet food mat
A few things just had to go in the bin. I'm sad about it, but if you're growing, sometimes you need to shed the tired old shell.
My 2020 was dogged by pretty serious back problems; I'm on the mend now, but I just can't lug huge boxes full of kit and clay around any more.
So, although I love teaching, I'm not going to run any more millefiori workshops. And I'm probably not going to do many (if any) more craft events and fairs.


I did, however, spend a decent amount of time making new cane patterns, revisiting old ones, and messing about with the drawing tools on my iPad Pro. So I now have a folder full of "almost" finished projects and designs.
mililefiori bee eater on ipad - doodlepippin
Those I've actually finished are listed under "Spring 2021 New Designs" 
Plenty more to come when I've finalised them - as always, things take longer than you expect, and life gets in the way more than it should. But who'd have it any other way!?