Ocean Shoal Tiles - Options Explained

'Ocean Shoal' has proved an enduringly popular design. But, with a confusing number of layout options, it's sometimes difficult to choose the one that will work best for your project.

There are four different design options in each colourway.

Two are about how big your fish will be, and two are about how you plan to lay them out.

First choice: How big and bold do you want your fish?

The design comes in two different 'scales'.

First, bear in mind that the design is the same on all sizes of tile, so the small fish on a small tile will be very small; the large scale fish on a large tile will be very large!


This is standard scale - relatively small fish, but each tile will line up with another.

This lovely cloakroom (below) features the standard scale Ocean Shoal on the smallest tile (10.8cm / 4.25in).


The large scale tiles feature bigger, bolder fish, but are more challenging to install as there are four different tiles that make up one repeating unit of the design.

This is the Fired Ink version of the LARGE SCALE fish (used above a gas cook top).

For this design it's useful to let us know how you expect to set them out, as we will make the correct designs to fit the space.


Second choice - do you want a large seamless panel, or separate rows?

Standard Ocean Shoal have 'half fish' along the bottom and top of each tile to make them work as a seamless panel.

'Border' versions of Ocean Shoal don't have the 'half fish' at the very top and bottom.

This means they work well as a single row, or where you want different rows to swim in different directions. 

Again, there are two scales. Standard and large scale.

'Standard' scale border tile. These will line up horizontally with another identical tile to make a row.

 This is a panel of the standard scale BORDER version running in different directions.

Large scale border tile - single row version.

You can have multiple rows with the fish travelling in different directions - just add a note at checkout explaining how you plan to lay them out and we'll make them to fit.

This lovely bathroom features the Large Scale Border tile running in two different directions.


There's also a two row border version. These have one 'joining' fish in between the rows.


Lastly, we are just starting to make a 30x20cm (12x8 in) Ocean Shoal tile.


I've used the Navy Blue Ocean Shoal colourway as an example, but all of these designs are available in all colourways. 

Hope this helps! If you have any questions please get in touch.