As seen on The Great Pottery Throw Down semi-final!

Great pottery thrown down - goldfish tiles

A few months ago I was asked to provide some tiles for The Great Pottery Throw Down, to be used on the Channel Four show.

I duly sent them off to the Potteries in Staffordshire, very excited but having to stay uncharacteristically quiet so that the details of the challenge didn't get out before filming started.

I wasn't sure until last night whether they'd actually feature them or not. But here are judges Keith and Rich, in the semi-final, doing the traditional "this is the sort of thing we're asking the potters to do" bit. And, in centre stage, my goldfish tiles. They even got a loving close-up! 

Goldfish tiles - large scale


In case you didn't know, the GPTD takes a group of amateur ceramicists through a gruelling competition to find the UK's best amatueur potter. It is glorious viewing - friendly, funny and emotional (Keith is fairly regularly in tears) - and has been my absolute favourite show for years.

So last night (the semi-final, making Turkish Bath sinks and tiles to match) found me kneeling in front of the TV to make sure it was actually happening. And then getting Dave to replay it about five times.