I need to order tiles; how long will they take to arrive?

An elegant, restrained bathroom using Suzanne tiles

All our tiles are made to order, so there are two things to factor in - 'making' time, and shipping time.

For DoodlePippin tiles, which are made here in our Reigate studio, our normal making time is 2-3 days.

For Fired Ink tiles, 'making time' is between 10 and 25 working days. This is because Fired Ink tiles have to be re-fired in Somerset, and how long that takes depends on what else is in front of them in the queue!

Shipping time varies A LOT!

As a rough guide, our standard shipping will normally get tiles to a UK destination in 2-4 working days.

Highlands and Islands (UK) may take slightly longer - 4-8 days.

Northern Ireland may be 5-6 days. 

Ireland (Republic of) varies but may be 5-10 days.

Europe varies a lot, both by country and by area. Can be as quick as 4-5 working days, up to two or three weeks.

USA standard shipping is often 10-15 days. (If you're in a rush, a shipping upgrade (eg to FedEx Priority) can get tiles to most parts of the US in just 2-4 days.)

Canada tends to take slightly longer but 10-15 days is still a reasonable estimate.

Australia can be anywhere from 10 days to 25 days or more.

Please bear in mind that once your tiles are on their way, their journey and the day / time they are delivered is out of our control. If you have given us a contact phone number during the ordering process (or afterward) this will make it MUCH more likely that your tiles will be delivered swiftly and safely.