Using Pattern Tiles Effectively - Free Guide

Using Pattern Tiles Successfully
Not sure where to start with pattern tiles?
Looking for beautiful layout ideas?
Not sure which size will look best?
Need help working out how many you need?
Anxious about cutting them to fit?
Thinking about combining different finishes?
Worried about choosing colours that 'work'
Want advice on grout colour? 

This detailed 31 page guide is a roundup of everything I've learned
from years of talking to clients about how to use decorative tiles
succesfully in their home. 

 Download your free guide here

 Sections include

  • choosing the right design for the right space
  • beautiful ways to incorporate pattern tiles
  • which scale and tile size to choose
  • working out how many you need
  • do I need to order extras?
  • cutting tiles to fit
  • tile installation advice
  • using pattern tiles on the floor
  • getting the design lined up correctly
  • grout width and grout colour
  • layout options
  • mixing tile finishes
  • caring for your tiles
  • meet the team
  • gallery