Decorative tile ranges

​DoodlePippin Tiles

  • base is a normal ceramic tile

  • the design is heat-printed onto the surface at 200 degrees

  • made in my home studio

  • available in two or three sizes only

  • perfect for decorative use in low traffic areas

  • design may gradually fade in high UV areas (eg conservatories / outdoors)

  • accurate reproduction of the colours of the original 'cane' 

  • not very scratch resistant

  • normal non-abrasive cleaning is fine

  • take about a week from order to dispatch.

​Fired Ink tiles

  • base is a normal ceramic tile

  • the design is kiln-fired onto the surface at 900 degrees

  • have to be sent off to be fired

  • can be made in a very wide range of sizes

  • three different finishes including gloss, satin, and full non-slip

  • suitable for all areas, including floors, swimming pools and exteriors

  • colours are often more muted than heat-printed originals

  • scratch resistant and UV stable

  • take around 3 weeks from order to dispatch