"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat
"Flourishing Garden" tablemat

"Flourishing Garden" tablemat

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Enjoy a beautiful backdrop to your meal, whether you're eating cheese on toast or throwing a spectacular dinner party, with these elegant handmade placemats.

The design features lots of rich green and blue, with a delicate pop of pink blossom. They'll add a sophisticated tone to any dining table, and they're easy to store when not in use.

A set of these generously sized placemats would make a lovely housewarming or wedding gift.

Like all my designs, this art deco pattern started life as a block of millefiori clay.

  • Designed and printed in the UK 
  • Generous surface area, perfect for large plates - 32x23 cm or 12.6 x 9 inches
  • 4mm thick 
  • Heat proof up to 180 degrees, perfect for hot plates and side dishes to prevent damage to your table
  • Wooden base with melamine top surface
  • Durable and easy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry before storing.
  • The surface is water resistant but please don't sumberge or soak
  • Odour and stain resistant

Matching square coasters are also available. 

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