Golden yellow 'Bonefish' worktop protector
Golden yellow 'Bonefish' worktop protector
Golden yellow 'Bonefish' worktop protector
Golden yellow 'Bonefish' worktop protector
Golden yellow 'Bonefish' worktop protector
Golden yellow 'Bonefish' worktop protector
Golden yellow 'Bonefish' worktop protector

Golden yellow 'Bonefish' worktop protector

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Inject a bit of colour, character and fun into preparing meals with this cheerful multi-purpose glass worktop protector in daffodil yellow and white, with a pop of turquoise blue.

This elegant serving platter can be used in lots of ways - by the stove as a heatproof pan stand, on your dining table as a serving platter, as an extra large cutting board - and you can also use it to protect your dining table from heat and moisture from serving dishes.

I created the delicate design in clay, using the ancient millefiori technique - and then printed it onto toughened glass.

This would make a fantastic gift for any keen cook, and a great new home gift.

  • Easy to clean and very hygenic, this glass trivet measures 28 x 30 cm (11 x 12 inches)
  • Usefully large surface for chopping and preparing meat, fruit and vegetables.
  • Doubles as a beautifully stylish serving platter for bread and olives, delicious pastries, cupcakes, quiches, tarts or canapes.
  • Heat proof glass means you can safely put boiling pans onto the trivet, avoiding damage to your table top or worktop.
  • Four rubber feet lift the glass off your worktop, protecting it from hot items
  • A smart "DoodlePippin" seal is on the reverse of the board, to mark it as an original & unique design
  • Odour and stain resistant
  • Handwash and dry please. The glass surface is tough and hardwearing but the reverse side (which carries the design) will scratch and fade if put into the dishwasher.
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