Layout Advice: Large Scale Ocean Shoal and Goldfish tiles

Four different tile designs make up the 'whole' Large Scale Ocean Shoal design.
row of four different large scale tile designs
Each set of four (2 high, 2 across) will line up vertically or horizontally with another set of four. 
large scale ocean shoal tiles line up vertically or horizontally
As standard, we will make equal numbers of each tile design (as far as possible).
However, if you have an 'odd' layout (eg seven rows of five) you are likely to need a different proportion of A, B, C and D.
This layout requires
Six of the A design
Six of the B design
Three of the C design
Three of the D design
This layout requires
Three of the A design
Three of the B design
If you have ordered a set of 20 of these tiles, as standard we will make five sets of four (in other words, 5 each of A, B, C and D).
If you think you might need a different proportion, please contact me with your planned layout OR add a note at checkout.
We will make the correct designs for you.