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More About Millefiori

Meet the Team

Jude O'Connell - Studio Manager - DoodlePippin

Jude O'Connell - Studio Manager

Jude is my studio manager and voice of reason. She's amazing, full of brilliant ideas, copes well with chaos and we laugh a lot.

I couldn't run DoodlePippin without her
(but don't tell her that!)

Woody and Loki - Studio Dogs - DoodlePippin

Woody and Loki - Studio Dogs

Woody (bottom) is our ten-year-old Labradoodle (the 'Doodle' in DoodlePippin).

Loki (top) is our one-year-old Romanian rescue (aptly named after the Norse God of Mischief)

Dave Barham Logistics DoodlePippin

Dave - Logistics - (aka 'Hee Haw')

Dave is my husband and plays a vital role as our logistics manager. In practice that means that he does a lot of lugging heavy items, grumbling, taking things to the parcel shop and general dogsbodying.

Apparently he also has a full time job as a Systems Architect, whatever that is...

A peek behind the scenes...

What happens next?

'A thousand flowers'

Millefiori translates directly as "a thousand flowers" from the Italian. 

The earliest millefiori is thought to be pre-Roman.

Although the Venetians weren't the first to use the technique, millefiori glasswork made the area around Venice very famous. 

Millefiori Originals

Not at all a "traditional" medium - but polymer clay is the perfect vehicle for millefiori; firm enough to hold the design crisply, easy to cure, and available in an infinitely blendable spectrum of colours

I started making jewellery from polymer millefiori in 2014, and specialised in bangles like this one for a long time.

Millefiori Prints

One of the features of millefiori is that it's impossible to recreate a design, no matter how lovely it is.

So in 2016 I started keeping a slice from each cane, and taking high resolution digital copies.

These patterns form the basis of all my prints.

Red white millefiori bangle
Dragon's egg bangle - millefiori - DoodlePippin
Striped Millefiori Bead Pod necklace - DoodlePippin originals