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And this is millefiori...

More About Millefiori

What happens next?

'A thousand flowers'

Millefiori translates directly as "a thousand flowers" from the Italian. 

The earliest millefiori is thought to be pre-Roman.

Although the Venetians weren't the first to use the technique, millefiori glasswork made the area around Venice very famous. 

Millefiori Originals

Not at all a "traditional" medium - but polymer clay is the perfect vehicle for millefiori; firm enough to hold the design crisply, easy to cure, and available in an infinitely blendable spectrum of colours

I started making jewellery from polymer millefiori in 2014, and specialised in bangles like this one for a long time.

Millefiori Prints

One of the features of millefiori is that it's impossible to recreate a design, no matter how lovely it is.

So in 2016 I started keeping a slice from each cane, and taking high resolution digital copies.

These patterns form the basis of all my prints.

Red white millefiori bangle
Dragon's egg bangle - millefiori - DoodlePippin
Striped Millefiori Bead Pod necklace - DoodlePippin originals