How Do I Wall Mount Alphabet Tiles?

These letters are normal ceramic tiles with an unglazed plain back. 
 They look great mounted on the wall using either a pre-made wooden frame, a picture hook, or Command Strips.

 Picture Hooks. I include a picture hook with each tile but I leave it to you to attach it.  I'd recommend Araldite or Gorilla Glue to attach the hooks - make absolutely sure the hook is well and truly stuck before putting your tile/s up!

Command Strips. These are sticky strips that come in two parts and are extremely secure and easy to remove if used correctly. Click here for more info

Frames: standard "tile frames" allow you to drop the tiles into position and glue them from behind. No glass or pins to worry about - just stick the tiles in place and hang using the ready-made frame.

The frames pictured are from the UK company Boxframes. They're available in a range of sizes for different size tiles; make sure you're ordering the correct size for your tile.