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Park Lane East, Reigate, RH2 8LH 

 Email: ruth@doodlepippin.co.uk 

Make someone's day with a cheerful school of bright coloured wall fish! A group of these large schooling fish would add a touch of natural serenity to your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or living room, or even a fun handmade element in a kids room or nursery.


These are made from polymer clay, and the pattern and colours are produced using the millefiori technique, which means that no two are identical.


Based on the body shape of a sardine, these come in two sizes - 

  • small are between 5 and 6 inches long (12-15cm)  
  • medium (this listing) are 10 inches (25cm) long
  • beautiful permanent colours and designs 
  • completely unique
  • small fish weigh approximately 27 grams 
  • medium fish weigh approximately 90g 
  • very easy to put up without having to dig big holes in your walls!


Larger and smaller fish are available - please contact me for details.


They are single sided, with a flat, plain back for wall mounting and come with two drilled holes in the back to assist with mounting (see pictures). You can also use Command Strips if your walls are suitable.  


You won't get the exact fish that are pictured here; please let me know what main colour you'd like your fish to be and I will make the pattern to match.  


If you'd like a specific set of different colours, (eg three blue fish, and three green) please send me a message detailing what you'd like.


Please also tell me which direction you want your fish to be swimming in -  left or right.  Default option is facing left.


About the pattern: 

Each fish is made purely from polymer. The pattern comes from a very ancient technique called 'millefiori', which has been around since the 6th Century. In fact, pieces made using this technique were found in the Anglo Saxon / Viking burial hoard at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, England. 


All DoodlePippin pieces are created in my garden studio just outside London. I specialise in clay techniques inspired by disciplines such as Japanese sword-making and Italian glass work.


Millefiori wall fish - medium

Main colour
Number of fish