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Fimo is 50!

I can't quite get my head around it, but Fimo (my polymer clay of choice for most projects) is 50 years old this year.

As part of their half-century celebrations, the German company behind Fimo (Staedtler) is running an open-to-all project which is asking people to make and send in a 10cm x 10cm polymer clay tile to be affixed to a globe.

Tiles don't have to be perfect and they are - of course - all going to be completely different from each other. They just have to be 10cm x 10cm and with a flat back.

In case you need some inspiration... here are some tiles created by members of the London Polymer Clay Group.

Blue and green tile by Jude Parker, "50" by Carol Blackburn, and 'The Phoenix' by Angela Garrod (appropriate as the first tile she made was incinerated by a malfunctioning halogen oven!).

I'm going to make something and send it in - why don't you??

More info on the challenge and how to take part here... the best part is that, once the globe has been assembled and displayed, the individual tiles are going to be auctioned off for charity - two charities, in fact.

The first is the wonderful Ron Lehocky who has been making polymer clay hearts to raise money for sick children for years, ( Dr. Ron Lehocky’s Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies) AND the second beneficiary is the Samunnat community in Nepal which helps women build independent lives in the midst of poverty and violence.

For more info, see http://www.staedtler.com/en/inspirations/for-creative-hobby-users/50-years-of-fimo/

If you do send a tile in, send me a pic too - I'd love to see it!

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