Commissioning a piece

I'm really happy to accept commissions, and work this way all the time.

You might like to commission:

  •  a set of cake forks and cake slice for a wedding.

  • a statement bangle to match an outfit,

  • a set of handles for a new kitchen, a sanctuary bathroom, or a much loved piece of furniture, 

  • cheese knives for cheese lovers,

  • cake slices for cake lovers,

  • a spectacular necklace to dress up a work outfit

  • salad servers for a new home

  • "initial" pictures for kids' rooms, 

  • sterling silver bangles for special birthdays

  • or even something bespoke, beautiful and truly handmade for yourself, just for the sake of it (!)

I always work closely with the "commissioner" as I would be heartbroken if you didn't get exactly what you wanted.


But it helps if you have a fair idea of what you want, when you need it by, and sometimes what size you need. Check out my Gallery for some idea of what I make / colours / styles etc.

Commissioned pieces are usually a third (33%)  extra on top of the price you'd pay for a ready-made item. So a £40 off-the-shelf bangle would be £60.


This increased cost reflects the additional work involved in sussing out requirements and liaising with someone, rather than just making an item according to my own whim! 


And it's a characteristic of polymer that I often have to make several canes before I get one that is a perfect fit for it's intended use. The  more specific you are about the type of design you want, the longer it's likely to take and the more expensive it will be. 

I can often match colours fairly accurately, but the beauty (and frustration) of polymer millefiori is that I can't really dictate what pattern I end up with. So your choices are likely to be "large scale pattern vs smaller scale / more detailed pattern" and "organic vs geometric".

If you'd like to commission a piece, please drop me a line using the link below with an idea of what you'd like, and when by, and I will be in touch shortly!

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