Caring for your DoodlePippin piece
Polymer and silver pieces


Polymer is incredibly tough when properly cured and respectfully treated. But it's not indestructible!


Under normal circumstances any piece of polymer will tolerate anything your skin can put up with. It's waterproof, temperature stable, and colour fast.


When warm, a pure polymer bangle has a very pleasing slight flexibility, which makes it very comfortable and forgiving to wear - a warm bangle (body temperature) will change shape slightly when gently squeezed, making it a bit easier to get on and off. Don't do this when it's cold tho - you will create a split in the material that gets worse with time and can't be fixed.


Sharp items will cut or scratch polymer, and very high temperatures (150 degrees centigrade +) will burn it.


Over time the high polish on some items (especially cutlery or anything that gets knocked around a bit) will start to dull, and the piece might end up with more of a matte or semi-gloss finish. 

Silver in polymer pieces will tarnish (like all silver) and a gentle wipe with a silver cleaning cloth will bring back it's shine. Please do not immerse polymer and silver pieces in silver cleaning solution - you may find it destroys the polymer sections!

Glass items - trivets, chopping boards and drinks coasters.

In general the design on my glass items is heat printed onto a sublimation coating on the back, or underside, of the piece.  In normal use the design is protected and is scratch and heat proof. 

However, these items are NOT dishwasher proof - the salt, heat and detergent will remove the patterned layer, as well as damaging the rubber feet or cork backing.

 Ceramic pieces


Most of my ceramic pieces (mugs, tiles etc) are 'printed' with my designs.

The design is very tough and hard-wearing, as well as microwave and dishwasher safe. BUT the design itself is not glazed onto the surface with melted glass, so it won't be as tough as a kiln-fired, glazed item.


That means that, if you take a wire scourer to the patterned surface, you will eventually damage it, either by scratching it, or by simply wearing it away. 


The answer is .... DON'T go mad with a scourer on any patterned surface!


TILES: my tiles are heat printed, which means they're not suitable for areas of high traffic or regular scouring; they will scratch if you drag heavy things over the surface, or scour with abrasive cleaners. Normal cleaning is fine!
They're suitable for :
- splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms
- cubby holes 
- utility rooms
- en suite bathrooms
- guest bathrooms
- mantel pieces
- kitchen walls away from direct heat sources
- dining areas.

- not suitable for outdoors or conservatories
- not suitable for floors
- not suitable for areas which are regularly scrubbed or scoured with aggressive cleaners

Tableware and serving pieces


Most of my tableware and serving pieces are handmade polymer handles on stainless steel blades. 


The stainless steel will scratch and mark if you're not careful / leave it knocking about in a drawer. This may bother you - or it may not!


The polymer handles are very tough and will put up with a lot. However, they're not indestructible - if you overheat them they will burn or melt, if you drop them on a hard surface they may crack. 


I strongly recommend hand-washing your DoodlePippin pieces, carefully drying with a tea towel and storing somewhere dry and protective.


However, if they end up in the dishwasher by accident after a raucous party when you're a bit, err, *distracted*, they should survive relatively unscathed. Just don't make a habit of it!

Fabric items - scarves, cushions etc

Instructions for caring for your fabric items will depend on what the item is made of and in most cases the item will come with it's own care label. 

Things to avoid in most cases:  temperatures over 40 degrees, tumble drying, bleaches.

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