Jewellery sizing

Bangle sizing advice:  


I use diameter in centimetres for bangle sizing. I consider a 6cm diameter bangle is a small-medium, a 6.5 is medium, and a 7 is large. 

Two options to work out what will fit:

1: Measure a well-fitting bangle you (or your intended recipient!) already own:

The measurement you're looking for is the internal diameter in centimetres. (This is a useful way of finding the right size for a gift for someone else!)

2. Measure your hand:

Pinch your fingers and thumb together to make your hand as small as possible. Wrap a piece of string snugly around the widest part (usually over or just below the first joint in your thumb) and then measure it.


Or use a flexible tape measure. Measure the string or read the tape measure, and divide by 3.14 to get the approximate size.

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